Group Healthy Food Shopping Tour: Improve Your Kid's Anxiety, Learning Challenges, ADD/ADHD, or Autism Symptoms

When: September 14 @ 7pm-9:15pm

Where:  Whole Foods Store, Danbury, CT

What:  Group shopping tour with author Andrea Anderson and Dr. Deb Bossio.  The tour will show you specific foods that improve anxiety, mood, focus,and behavior; give you snack and meal ideas that improve symptoms and satisfy cravings; and show you new food ideas based on what you and your kids like to eat.

Register: Call 860-485-4118

Natural Ways to Change Brain Function

When:  Tuesday, June 3rd at 7pm

Where: 898 Ethan Allen Highway, Suite 6, Ridgefield, CT

Come and learn about non-medication alternatives, as well as safe and natural ways to change brain functioning. Supplements and herbs can be integrated with functional medicine to help children and adults avoid, reduce, or come off various medications. Dr. Bossio will discuss supplements and herbs and how she uses functional medicine to determine best treatment protocols. Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, Ed.D, LPC, BCN,  and Dr. Bossio will also discuss how Neurofeedback and supplements work synergistically to improve treatment outcomes. How to utilize the summer to improve brain functioning with Neurofeedback and supplementation will also be reviewed. Information about Neurofeedback and a live demonstration will also be included.

Neurofeedback therapy is a safe, non-medication treatment for common childhood and adult issues and disorders, including: ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Learning Issues, Social Issues, Sports-Related Concussion, Mood Issues, etc.  Come learn about QEEG brain mapping, how neurofeedback works, and how it could benefit you or your child.  ***We are so excited about QEEG, that all workshop attendees will receive a coupon for $100 off a QEEG brain map (applies to new clients only)***.