In the overall span of human evolution, people have had continuous contact with the Earth, allowing our bodies to ground their electric energies. However, the advent and abundant use of asphalt, wood, carpeting, rubbers and plastics over the last century has greatly reduced our direct contact with the ground. The Earth maintains a negative electrical charge on its surface, and direct contact with the ground - whether walking, sitting or lying, in dirt, rock, sand or grass - will conduct the Earth's electrons to your body. In fact, the human body naturally conducts and delivers electrons from the feet to every other part of the body. This transfer of electrons grounds your body's electrical currents and can help to minimize the potential effects of exposure to EMFs, possibly including dirty electricity. Additionally, the physical health changes from grounding are usually quick, often occurring within thirty minutes of bare contact with the Earth. 

Recent research has shown that grounding, or "Earthing," can positively affect a number of body systems and processes, including blood flow, heart rate, inflammation, cortisol levels, sleep, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and even stress levels. If you are concerned about your body's electric charge, or want to see the difference made by grounding, you can measure your body's electricity levels using a body voltage meter. These measuring tools are inexpensive and can be purchased through many electronics retailers. The body of research on the subject of grounding is still growing, but initial research indicates significant short and long term health benefits. So take off those shoes and socks and connect with the Earth!


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